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Annual Wellness Exams}

Annual Wellness Exams services offered in Beverly Hills, CA

Getting an annual wellness exam can put your mind at ease about symptomless sexual and reproductive health problems or help you access the treatment you need as quickly as possible. At Women’s Care of Beverly Hills in Beverly Hills, California, gynecology experts provide annual wellness exams to those of all ages. Schedule your next annual wellness exam over the phone or online at Women’s Care of Beverly Hills today.

Annual Wellness Exams Q&A

What are annual wellness exams?

Annual wellness exams are yearly examinations by the team at Women’s Care of Beverly Hills. You should start getting them around when you become sexually active or after turning 18 (whichever comes first). Pap tests are not performed until age 21.

These examinations help you stay up to date on your sexual health and address any health issues that occur while they’re in their earliest stages. The team at Women’s Care of Beverly Hills checks your sexual and reproductive organs and your breasts for changes or abnormalities. 

Your annual wellness exams also allow you to bring up any questions or concerns about safe sex, birth control, menstruation, menopause, and many other topics related to your sexual, reproductive, or hormonal health. 

What do annual wellness exams include?

All annual wellness exams at Women’s Care of Beverly Hills include a pelvic exam after the team takes basic information like your height and weight, if you are comfortable with us doing so. They also go over your medical history. During the pelvic exam, you recline on an examination table as the team examines your pelvic organs. They also perform a breast examination. 

Other components of your annual wellness exams depend on your age. Some tests are only performed every few years, while others are age- or need-specific. You can get:

  • Pap smears at age 21
  • Referrals for a Mammograms
  • Sexually transmitted disease (STD) testing
  • Birth control management
  • Pregnancy testing
  • Vaccinations and updates
  • Thyroid checks
  • Referrals for a Bone density scan
  • Peri menopause and menopause counselling and management

The team can also address minor issues during the visit, like urinary tract infections or pelvic pain. Be sure to mention any concerns or questions you’ve accumulated since your previous visit. But if you have a lot to discuss, be sure to book a separate appointment to allow your provider and you enough time to adequately address these important health concerns

What are the benefits of annual wellness exams?

If you value your long-term health and wellness, annual wellness exams at Women’s Care of Beverly Hills are a great starting point for preventive care. The team searches for signs of possible, current or future health concerns throughout the examination. They also perform screening tests at many of these appointments. 

Specific benefits of annual wellness exams include:

  • Getting age- or risk-specific screenings
  • Staying up-to-date on vaccinations and boosters
  • Encouraging regular STD testing
  • Early detection of potentially life-threatening conditions

If the team at Women’s Care of Beverly Hills detects any health problems during your annual wellness exam, they can direct you to additional tests (like colposcopy) or treatments you need. They can also offer wellness advice to help you stay healthy, like dietary recommendations, exercise recommendations, and other lifestyle changes. 

To schedule an annual wellness exam at Women’s Care of Beverly Hills, call the office or book online today.