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Obstetrics services offered in Beverly Hills, CA

Obstetrics is an area of medicine specializing in all aspects of pregnancy, including prenatal care, delivery, and postpartum care. Women’s Care of Beverly Hills is a full-service obstetrics and gynecology practice in Beverly Hills, California. The team includes obstetricians who provide comprehensive obstetrics care. Call the nearest office or schedule your obstetrics appointment online today.

Obstetrics Q&A

What is obstetrics?

Obstetrics is an area of medicine that deals with all things related to pregnancy. This includes prenatal care, postpartum care, delivery, and any pregnancy-related complications.

Women's Care of Beverly Hills has been providing obstetrics care for decades. The team takes a patient-centered approach, partnering with you to ensure you get the care you want and expect during your pregnancy. 

What are obstetrics services?

The team at Women's Care of Beverly Hills provides all the care you need for your pregnancy. Obstetric services include:

Prenatal care

Prenatal care refers to the regular visits with your OB/GYN during your pregnancy. Early and regular prenatal care visits with your obstetrician at Women's Care of Beverly Hills ensures you and your baby stay healthy throughout your pregnancy.

Management of normal and high-risk pregnancies

The highly skilled team at Women's Care of Beverly Hills can manage any pregnancy need, including regular and high-risk pregnancies. 

Women with high-risk pregnancies may need more frequent prenatal care visits or special testing and monitoring. The team at Women's Care of Beverly Hills can provide this type of high-level care. 

Ultrasound testing

Women's Care of Beverly Hills offers state-of-the-art ultrasound testing during obstetrics care. Ultrasound imaging is a safe, noninvasive procedure that uses sound waves to create images of your fetus, placenta, and amniotic fluid.

The obstetrics team performs several ultrasound tests throughout your pregnancy to monitor fetal growth and development.

Labor and delivery

The team at Women's Care of Beverly Hills also attends and manages the labor and birth of your baby. They work closely with you and help you prepare for the healthiest possible pregnancy and birth.

Postpartum care

Obstetrics services at Women's Care of Beverly Hills also include postpartum care. These follow-up visits are essential for monitoring physical and emotional well-being.

Infertility evaluation and treatment

The obstetrics team at Women's Care of Beverly Hills provides infertility evaluations and treatments to help those struggling to get pregnant.

When do I need obstetrics?

The Women's Care of Beverly Hills team can let you know when you need obstetrics care. Prenatal care usually starts about eight weeks after your last menstrual period (LMP). However, the team may suggest scheduling an appointment sooner if your pregnancy is high risk.

You also need obstetrics if you have a high-risk pregnancy or you’re struggling with infertility.

For patient-centered obstetrics from a team with decades of experience, call Women's Care of Beverly Hills or schedule an appointment online today.