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Gynecologic Surgeries services offered in Beverly Hills, CA

Today’s gynecologic surgeries involve less postoperative pain, scarring, and recovery time than ever before. With minimally invasive gynecologic surgeries at Women’s Care of Beverly Hills in Beverly Hills, California, you can swiftly recover from vital procedures like hysterectomy, myomectomy, and fibroid removal. Schedule your consultation for gynecologic surgery over the phone or online at Women’s Care of Beverly Hills today.

Gynecologic Surgeries Q&A

What are gynecologic surgeries?

Gynecologic surgeries are procedures that diagnose, evaluate, or treat conditions involving your uterus, ovaries, or other organs in your reproductive system. These surgeries once required long incisions, leading to long recovery times and large scars. Today, you can get most gynecologic surgeries with minimally invasive techniques. 

The team at Women’s Care of Beverly Hills uses gynecologic surgery to treat conditions that don’t improve with noninvasive treatments. They also use specific surgical techniques, like laparoscopy and hysteroscopy, to evaluate or diagnose conditions. 

Which type of gynecologic surgery can I get?

You can get many gynecologic surgeries at Women’s Care of Beverly Hills. The team of expert surgeons has extensive experience performing surgeries safely and effectively, including:

  • Fibroid removal
  • Ovarian cyst removal
  • Diagnostic hysteroscopy
  • Adhesion removal
  • Hysteroscopic endometrial ablation
  • Polypectomy
  • Hysterectomy
  • Myomectomy

The team only recommends surgery when they’re certain it will benefit your health outcome in some way. The surgery itself could treat the underlying condition or offer more insight on how to treat it. 

What are the benefits of modern gynecologic surgeries?

Modern gynecologic surgeries at Women’s Care of Beverly Hills use streamlined practices like minimally invasive laparoscopic or robotic assistance to treat or evaluate conditions with little bodily damage. Minimally invasive techniques like laparoscopy and hysteroscopy use small incisions or are performed through your vagina and cervix. Their benefits include:

  • Few or no incisions
  • Little or no scarring
  • Less recovery time
  • Less preparation
  • Less postoperative pain
  • A shorter surgery time
  • More precise control for your surgeon

The team at Women’s Care of Beverly Hills gives you detailed aftercare instructions to follow while you recover from gynecologic surgery. Before the surgery, they help you follow the guidelines to prepare for a successful procedure. 

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